A behemoth apraoching from the smoke

Behemoths are a form of super mutant. They are the largest creatures encountered in the wasteland. Their migh and strength outrank any creature.


Behemoths are stupid. They have the mind of an animal. They are generally just and old super mutant. The older a super mutant gets the larger it grows. Although most dont survive to become a behemoth. Behemoths are so rare in

early concept art for a behemoth

the wasteland and almost no one survives an attack from one. Few have killed a Behemoth. It is said that the Lone Wanderer has killed five.


Behemoths are enormous super mutants, standing approximately three to four times as tall as a normal human. Some behemoths carry makeshift clubs made from fire hydrants, and often dress in armor made from scrap metal, including a car door acting as a makeshift shield, and carry severed human heads around their necks and waists. They also have shopping carts on their backs as sort of backpacks, for carrying their victims with them like food rations. vault 87 super mutants become bigger and stronger the older they become after being exposed to FEV. Super mutant behemoths are the biggest super mutants in the capital wasteland which means they are also the oldest.